WesFest '98 (Live, Download only)

by John Wesley

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Recorded live at the Red Creek, Rochester, NY and the Tralf, Buffalo, NY


released October 10, 1998

Recorded & Engineered by Gregg Prince
Mastering by Jacques Cohen
Photography by Leslie Levan
CD Layout & Design by Blue Swan Studios



all rights reserved


John Wesley Brandon, Florida

Sideman on guitar/vox for Porcupine Tree, and just released a new album, a way you'll never be... Free music downloads at www.john-wesley.com check them out....

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Track Name: Thirteen Days
I was a child,
life in your arms you hold me
the fire in your eyes stopped the bleeding
the love in your heart kept me breathing

I feel I'm dying again.
I've got nothing but hatred for my lover and friend
the lion in your eyes watches me screaming
the cold in your heart keeps my blood freezing

Thirteen days, before you left me here staring
thirteen days, before you tried to stop caring

Stare into the dark
the emptiness of hell comes to enfold me
take a long look at your sweet creation
did you get a thrill to watch my heart breaking

Thirteen days, before you left me here standing alone
thirteen days, before you left me to die on a phone

I cannot pretend, can't find an end
oh, how I miss you
I was your lover and you were my friend
I pray to God I never see you again

Thirteen days, before you left me here waiting to hold you
Thirteen days, before you forgot what I told you
Thirteen days, that you gave to me only to take from me
Thirteen days, before you left me here breaking
Track Name: Last Man By Your Side
So we stay
at morning they come
she was gone at the first sign of trouble
see how she runs
then you're paralyzed
her silhouette in light
and she's dancing on your grave

The sunrise breaks
what's done is done
the wind blows cold through your bones and you
see how they run
when you're trice denied
and you're paralyzed
I'll be the last man by your side

All of your castles may crumble
and your ministers may lie
I will still be standing
I'll be the last man by your side
Track Name: Into the Night
I don't mind if you pry, it's just me
It's the one thing I protect so well
this is my story

I don't care where you go or who you tell
cause it's my life and my lines
and have no fear we're not forgotten here

One step to the light to see
one foot on the edge that's me
one long trail into the night
all over this battle field

Sometimes you crawl
sometimes you kneel
one long trail into the night
one long trail into the night

What you sell
is not who you are
it's what you do

Who I am
I protect so well
keep away from you

I don't care where you go
or who you tell
because into the night we go on and on
this is my story
oh this is my story

One step to the light to see
one foot on the edge, that's me
one long trail into the night
Track Name: Out of Your League
What is this, you claim to profess
some kind of rare deed done on time
what mountain crossing have I missed
what sort of barb's attached to your line

Be careful of what you're promising
don't dare look at me with those eyes

Because you're way out of your league boy
you're way out of your mind
you can't be serious
yet you can't be denied

I've watched the sun rise and set
on your deepest regrets
yet you're still off chasing some star
you leave me behind with your heart in my chest
then come home bearing your latest scar

When will you find what you're looking for
don't you know it was here all the time
Track Name: Waiting for the Sun
Well here we are boy
and I'm through dreaming
all these colors I've been flying
have lost the will to keep me high
and I'm not amused...

So I said hey you're no a star
so are you through screaming
cause all this paranoia's got you
hiding in the dark
and I can't see you...

Well shine the light
and you can come on in
can't you see I'm on a mission
you can stay if you are wishin
but I'm waiting...

see my daddy hit the doorway
when I was just a kid
said he'd gone to find the sunshine
and bring it back for me
and I'm waiting
waiting for the sun to shine

Do you see my scars
it's dark and they're glowing
all these tiny little punctures
are a doorway to the sun
a doorway to the sun
think I'll have another one

I know he's in here
I can feel him lookin for me
I hear him laughin like he did
like he did when I was young
daddy's bringin me the sun
and I'm waiting
waiting for the sun to shine
Track Name: So Bad
You took a turn for the worse
when I caught up to you last night
flickering it's saving light

And though improper thing we may do
not always just or always right
every once in a while
I see you smile
like everything will be alright

You always wanted to be so bad
you always wanted to be
one of the stars in the evening sky
one of the doves flying free
Winter stole upon you in your twenty second year
fragile as a wedding smile
you began to disappear
and as the worst of this
comes on you
you know I'll never leave
your sight
as the night goes out
of this room child
just pray and hold me tight

It's time to close your eyes child
it's time for you to sleep
there ain't no more pain
and no more tears
and this promise I will keep

And though improper things we may do
not always just or always right
in your heart an angel smiles
and guides you through the night
Track Name: The Emperor Falls
Brick by brick
stone by stone
dismantle the will of a man
strip his flesh and bone

Reach out your hand
the moment comes
blade catches the light of your eyes
the man slowly comes undone

Nobody noticed
no one saw a thing
all turned a blind eye to the fallen
and the bad luck he brings

You wake in the morning after
the sky's a color that you can't see
friends have fallen by the wayside
why isn't anyone talking to me
get those funny looks in the market
people you loved just stare
wander on with your hands in your pockets
even your girlfriend don't care

They've all come to watch the emperor
They've all come to watch the emperor
They've all come to watch the emperor

To watch the emperor fall

One part truth
three parts deceit
two parts shit that you made up
add passion for heat

Did ya hear he said this
can you believe he done that
can you believe the nerve of the man
let me at him tell me where he's at
wake to your fave in the mirror
see someone you don't recognize
stare at the changes in the reflection
you've become someone that you despise