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by John Wesley

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released November 1, 1998

Produced and Engineered By – Mark Daghorn
Mastered By Peter Mew at Abbey Road
Recorded at New Rising Studio, Peldon, England, August 98
Tape Op – Will Elliott
Steve Hogarth – Recorded and Engineered by Stewart Every
Wyatt Management Worldwide – Warren Wyatt and Julie Hines
Catering by – Vernice Riley-Daghorn

John Wesley – Guitar and Vocals
Tracy LaBarbera – Vocals, Piano on “Gift of a Woman”
Mark Prator – Drums and Percussion
Andy Irvine – Bass and Fretless Bass
Steve Hogarth – Backing vocals on “So Bad”, “An Ordinary Man”
Steve Rothery – Outro Solo on “Gift of a Woman”
Tony Turrell – Hammond Organ on “Days That Won’t Let Go”, “Someone for a day”, “Come and Gone”, “Last Man by Your Side”

All songs written by John Wesley
Published by Warner Chappel Music

Thanks to: The members, families and crew of Marillion. Adrian Mulcahy of Marshall Amplifiers Russell Farrow Martin Hooker and Liz Fairweather John Wesley uses: Marshal Amps Fender Guitars Langejanes Acoustic Guitars Special Thanks to Family and Friends: Jamie Dearth, Jay and Doris Dearth, Sarah Riley, Sherri Townsend, Denise Doyle, Stewart and Paula Every, Dean Rosenberger, Val and Kit Smith, Kim and John Pace, Andy Karp, Mario “M” Medious, Russ and Jan Vance, Metal Mike and Mary Van Ryswyke, Eric Neilson, Tas Sturdevant, Mike Tramp, Tom and Jim Morris, Michael and Charlie LaBarbera, Dave Wehner, Phil Peplinski, The Oleson Family, JJ Jester, Rob Galardi, Rob and Alexis Crossland, Rinus Van Doveren, Michel Koolian, Bill Fresch, Christina Holz, Lisa Makita, All the WEB fan clubs, George Harris, Maggie Council, Beanstalk, Masa Itoh, Tatsu Hirano, Stephan Ettiene, Oliver Garnier and to all of those that helped me in bringing this project to life.

Photography – Paul Harries



all rights reserved


John Wesley Brandon, Florida

Sideman on guitar/vox for Porcupine Tree, and just released a new album, a way you'll never be... Free music downloads at check them out....

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Track Name: Out of Your League
What is this, you claim to profess
some kind of rare deed done on time
what mountain crossing have I missed
what sort of barb's attached to your line

Be careful of what you're promising
don't dare look at me with those eyes

Because you're way out of your league boy
you're way out of your mind
you can't be serious
yet you can't be denied

I've watched the sun rise and set
on your deepest regrets
yet you're still off chasing some star
you leave me behind with your heart in my chest
then come home bearing your latest scar

When will you find what you're looking for
don't you know it was here all the time
Track Name: Come and Gone
We hide...we run
we dodge, we deny
we turn from the gun and try

To learn
yet we injure the loves
that we don't recognize
I my home
see a comb or a brush
and remember the touch

Of you...who I loved
who I wronged
who have come and gone
you have come and gone
though these dreams
do fail
to yield us the promise made

Yield us the promise gave

We the wake
in the shock of the madness
the all consuming sadness

You me
the body we created
cut by words that were
we bleed... and move on
with scars too slow to heal
a memory too numb to
you have come and gone

Though we run from the
coming of the light
and we hide in the shadows of our own lives
always searching for those
who have gone
those who have come and gone

We feel safe in the
cover of the night
we bury the hope
that's in our own lives
living crushed by lovers
who've gone
you have come and gone
you fade...from my sight
from my heart you will bleed away
then I will turn away
of you...who I've loved
who I've wronged
who have come and gone
Track Name: An Ordinary Man
How easily forgotten
how easily replaced
your loved ones become...
We are the wreckage strewn behind you
love's own casualties
from the battle that you won

You could not wait
to fly your flag
you could not wait
to raise you man in victory

I know you hate
to be mistaken
for the woman
of just an ordinary man...
To be the lover
of an ordinary man

I'm down on my knees
I'm crawling across the floor to you
I'm holding out my hand
God I do not understand
why I'm down on my knees

Now I'm troubled by your silence
I'm troubled that you no longer dare
to lay with me under the night stars
or walk unhindered on your own two legs
you could not wait
to lose your new freedom
you could not wait
to carry your new chains
I know you hate
to keep him waiting
so you'd better
drag yourself back to him again

I wanna feel alive
I wanna feel awake
to make these night stars go away
I wanna feel alive
I wanna feel awake
I wanna feel anything and
this world will let me taste

I wanna see you cry
I wanna see you break
I wanna see you crash into the walls
of your own infamy
Track Name: Days That Won't Let Go
Wish I could blame this on your youth
but that would only make
a martyr of the truth
I chose to see only the
beauty in your eyes
never the shame
never the lives

Wish i could blame this on the sun
I never seem to be the chosen one
just a glimpse and you were gone
this place without you seems all wrong

Wish I could call you on the phone
wish you happiness
wherever you call home
wish this night wasn't so dark and mean

I wish you'd see me
when you dream

These are the days
that won't let go
this is the shame
we're not allowed to show
this is the anger from inside
these are the days that will not die

I wish these thoughts of you would end
I wish that someday you could learn to be my friend
I wish I'd never kissed your face
I wish these thoughts to be erased

I wish that someday you might find
a little love
a little peace of mind
I wish that I don't fall apart
I wish that you'd still hold me
in your heart
Track Name: There Go I
This year the winter comes to early
always seems to be you that takes the fall
the summer that was her is gone forever
you knew she was going but not that far

People always ready to come down upon you
say you choose your luck
like you choose a tie
and when those choices don't add up to nothing
you feel like just laying down to die

Before you go and do such a bad thing
I'll let go a little secret that I hide

I had to walk a mile in your shoes
so listen up cause this rings true
but for the grace of God
there go I
and you are not alone here on the edge

Very few in this world mean to harm you
some of those who do
don't even try
there are those of us here who really love you
so just take what you have and don't ask why
Track Name: One Step Behind
You always been a little slow
hung up on yourself most times
you seem to watch the world going by through
someone else's eyes
your own reflection always seems to blind you
but one day you awoke to find
all the people that tried to love you were gone
you were the only one left behind

You were just one step behind
you were just one step
living one step behind
and you missed it...

You didn't put no kids through college
or lavish love upon a wife
so you sit alone with all your pretty things
waiting for the phone to ring
you saved a whole lot of money
you spent a whole lot of time
waiting for your greater future to get here
but you couldn't catch it

You were just one step behind....
And you missed it

Now you wake up on the sidewalk
with your car keys in your hand
the sunrise burning holes in your eyes
but you missed it
you chased away your princess
waiting for a queen
now your princess is gone
with another man
and you miss her
lord how you miss her
living just one step behind

You wake up and it's over
you done spent your life alone
you don't remember that it even happened
don't realize it's gone
you were just one step behind
Track Name: Last Man By Your Side
So we stay
at morning they come
she was gone at the first sign of trouble
see how she runs
then you're paralyzed
her silhouette in light
and she's dancing on your grave

The sunrise breaks
what's done is done
the wind blows cold through your bones and you
see how they run
when you're trice denied
and you're paralyzed
I'll be the last man by your side

All of your castles may crumble
and your ministers may lie
I will still be standing
I'll be the last man by your side
Track Name: Gift of a Woman
You're not allowing me to breathe
the man said
I've no room to move
and all of this discussion
is ringing in my head

This is not an issue of love
no not anymore
she said it's a matter of your freedom
which really means
me watching you walk through that door

Freedom for you to roam
the earth and the seventh seas
freedom to leave your child
no don't look at me please

I know I ain't as pretty
as the day we met

Our bed it ain't as warm
but I've got love for you still inside of me yet
love for you, still inside of me yet
Track Name: The Emperor Falls
Brick by brick
stone by stone
dismantle the will of a man
strip his flesh and bone

Reach out your hand
the moment comes
blade catches the light of your eyes
the man slowly comes undone

Nobody noticed
no one saw a thing
all turned a blind eye to the fallen
and the bad luck he brings

You wake in the morning after
the sky's a color that you can't see
friends have fallen by the wayside
why isn't anyone talking to me
get those funny looks in the market
people you loved just stare
wander on with your hands in your pockets
even your girlfriend don't care

They've all come to watch the emperor
They've all come to watch the emperor
They've all come to watch the emperor

To watch the emperor fall

One part truth
three parts deceit
two parts shit that you made up
add passion for heat

Did ya hear he said this
can you believe he done that
can you believe the nerve of the man
let me at him tell me where he's at
wake to your face in the mirror
see someone you don't recognize
stare at the changes in the reflection
you've become someone that you despise
Track Name: Someone for a Day
Why do you cry for her
she's not gone to heaven
she's just around the corner
with some man

You grieve as if she's died
and been taken
she's just slipped from you
like water through your hands

She said, I know a little
about losing people
I watched 'em come and go
like moving pictures of a life

You give what you can
but they slip right through ya
like they were never here
they fade into the night

She looked at me and said,
"I gave my all, to get nothing"
the value of our lives won't fill a grave
I'd trade my soul to be part of something
I'd trade my life to be someone for a day
someone for a day
Track Name: Are You Alive
Silver linings are for someone else's cloud
yours have lately been all grey
I know your dreams and they've seen their better days
some of us who live have higher tolls to pay

Why have you brought me this angel here

Are you alive, ah come on look at me
I know you're in there, just open your eyes
I know you're alive
oh but you just might not want to be
I can hear you breathe just open your eyes
hope is a stain on someone else's soul
despair sustains your soul
you waste your days, let them slip away
hard to hold on when there's nothing left to hold

Are you alive ah come on look at me
I know you're in there
just open your eyes
I know you're alive
oh ya just might not wanna be
I can hear you breathe
just open your eyes

I want you to know I've never been far away
there's nothing to be said can't be undone
you're all I have so please don't go away
there's nothing that you've said that can't be undone

Are you alive
ah come one look at me
I know you're in there
just open your eyes
I know you're alive
oh ya just might not wanna be
I can hear you breathe
just open your eyes
Track Name: The Desperation Angel
I've grown tired
I've grown cold
nothing causes any harm to me
hated things I hold
I can't feel what you give to me
see the skin's burned from my hands
I remember what you promised me

like some desperation Angel
I come running back to you...

My eye have numbed
my words have died
can't witness what I've become
God could burn my eyes
I can't bear you to look at me
is there nowhere I can hide
I hold on to what you promised me

Like some desperation Angel
I come running
back to you
and in desperation Angel
I've come running home to you
trust in me my angel
you'll never know what I've been through
never know what I've been through
no no, never know what I've been through

I'm your desperation Angel
I've come running home to you
and in desperation Angel
I've come running back to you
running back to you
running back to you
running back to you
running back to you
Track Name: So Bad
You took a turn for the worse
when I caught up to you last night
flickering it's saving light

And though improper thing we may do
not always just or always right
every once in a while
I see you smile
like everything will be alright

You always wanted to be so bad
you always wanted to be
one of the stars in the evening sky
one of the doves flying free
Winter stole upon you in your twenty second year
fragile as a wedding smile
you began to disappear
and as the worst of this
comes on you
you know I'll never leave
your sight
as the night goes out
of this room child
just pray and hold me tight

It's time to close your eyes child
it's time for you to sleep
there ain't no more pain
and no more tears
and this promise I will keep

And though improper things we may do
not always just or always right
in your heart an angel smiles
and guides you through the night
Track Name: A Time to Dance
We don't look at things the same way
some days you don't look at me at all
think we could weather this storm
together won't be so hard if we fall

So come to me with your hands open
trust in me I will be your chance
there's always time enough for bleeding
there never seems to be time enough to dance
no time to dance would you give me,
my love a time to dance

This old world is weighing down on you
your eyes barely leave the floor
rest your head upon my shoulder
there's a meanness going on out there
and you don't need it anymore