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The Closing of the Pale Blue Eyes

by John Wesley

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I wish I could feel just a little of nothing instead of losing my mind Like some bad dream relentlessly coming It won't let me sleep at night I can't believe what you've taken from me or more like you've taken from us any held hope of us being together any last remnant of trust You can take away so many things the money, the tv, or the car but you can not take away my memories these I will always carry with me you cannot take away these memories I remember laughin til four in the morning then of lovin till dawn the way the sun lit your crystal blie eyes in mine you could never do wrong watching you sleep and hearing you breathe just laying there holding you tight drinking with Billy while your sister was sleeping making love after a fight These are the moments I'm gonna be keeping these are the treasures important to me you can have the car and the tv these things mean nothing to me No matter how far you can run no matter how far you go I'll always carry you right here inside me right here inside me right here inside me
Are you looking for a best friend are you needing a change of scene maybe someone to have and hold are you wanting to share your dream I stand on the steps at Monmarte want so much to make you a part of all that is and all of this I want to share my dream I love how you get excited when I walk through the door the quiet whispers in my ear of how you never felt so loved before We've go so much to live for so many things knockin on our door together nothing is out of reach when your sharing you dream
We sit alone together and the space begins to breathe distance seems to come alive why this emptiness between you and me Where is your compassionate smile come here take hold of me I'll stroke your hair for a little while just rest your eyes, it'll be all right you see just rest your eyes, it'll be all right you see We sit alone, together your Crystal Blues have turned to ice your heart is colder then November what is it that I've failed to recognize I could make all of this better just don't close your eyes I could make all of this better just don't close your eyes I could make all of this better please don't close your eyes
In Ohio 02:32
I remember a night we had together thought that I'd give it to you we drank and danced and we laughed and I never thought I'd be without you would you believe me if I'd said I'm gonna miss you when you're gone I'm sitting here alone and it's not the first time but you know it's probably the worst I remember the way that you held me and touched me as if I was your first would you believe me if I said I'm gonna miss you when you're gone I don't know what's in Ohio God you never made the answer clear but I know someone that needs ya but that someone is living here It's gotten outta hand between us vicious is something it should have never been it's just the coldest part of losing think I'll just live that night again Would you believe me if I said I'm gonna need you when you're gone I'm gonna love you when you're gone
Say goodbye to the girl with the pale blue eyes is she too tired to see oh no, she's just tired of me I am in love with the girl of the pale blue eyes is she too blind to see what all this is doing to me She looks away when she sees me comin I lose my words when I try to speak she won't defend her reasons for runnin she's just tired of being part of this losin streak Says she's got herself a good new man say's this time she won't tell no lies I can't help but to want to tell him don't believe what it is you see in those eyes And should those blue eyes see another and should your lips feel his kiss then God just let me shut my eyes to you and help me find a way to get out of this keep me sane while I'm getting out of this then say goodbye to the girl with the pale blue eyes
When I look into your eyes it worries me what I see some kinda storm blowin around darlin you know there is nothing I can do for you cause I'm not the one you thought you found Keep you distance there's no chance of holding me trust me - it won't do you any good I know this is not what I promised you I never seem to keep the ones I should Don't look - it's a long way down watch out it's a long way down and getting up ain't something you've got left in you and if you fall - I will not be around careful love, it's a long way down Maybe all of this went just a little far a subtle response to a letter I read my intention was only to humble you seems l've brought you to your knees instead so careful love - it's a long way down
The fog sets in and covers the sky the brightness of the stars will disappear with no means to reason why I felt your presence as if you were here I cover you with all that I am I still can't see the sky I still can't see the sky Watch you fly away Little Blue Angel watch you race in the wind why do you fly from me Little Blue Angel this is not a dream, this is... The death of a friend this is the death of a friend yes you were my friend I will miss you my friend
I watched you close your eyes your body beneath the sheet as you drifted away I knew the division was complete I brushed back your hair knelt and kissed you goodnight I knew it was the last time I'd ever witness the sight What could have been said what could have been done seems I'd been fighting the end since before we'd begun I walked out alone you know I've done this before shut my eyes, took a breath turned and closed the door then the sun rose in front of me thought of my little one turned my face into the wind isn't this place familiar, little girl seems like we're going on alone once again and she said, you keep walking on right here beside me it's just you and me again


Sometimes in the life of an artist, writer, or musician, there will be a need to create a piece of art or music not because it was time for the next record, or some executive breathing down your neck for a new piece of work, or your contract stated it was time, but because it was something that had to be created. There was something inside the artist, burning and tearing him down bit by bit, day by day, slowly eating him alive until he sat down and let out the work that had to be.

What could be the cause of such a thing? For me it was the loss of someone beloved. The loss of my lover, my best friend, someone I wanted to spend my life with. A subject all too familiar and expressed in every form of art a thousand times, a set of circumstances we have all lived in many ways, a subject I have written on many times in the past. But this time for me, was different. Usually I can write with control, with definition and purpose, the subject matter being well thought out and meditated upon. This time there was no control, no though or concept of presentation and certainly no reference to commerciality. This was personal. These songs forced themselves out, sometimes in only a day. I never wanted to write these songs. I never wanted to feel these feelings, not about her. This is not meant to be my next record. This is a collection of acoustic songs written and recorded in my bedroom studio, recorded with the original intention that only her and I ever hear it. As it developed, I knew that I should not keep this music just between us. So I brought in some of my friends to perform on the music and expand the songs, bringing them to life. I have decided to share these songs with you. I have always based my writing on experience and honesty. And after listening to this, it is one of the most honest and simple pieces of work I have ever created. I hope you can enjoy it. It is called “The Closing Of The Pale Blue Eyes.”


released January 1, 1995

Written and recorded by John Wesley during November and December, 1994
Mixed by Jim Morris at Morrisound Studios, Tampa
John Wesley – Acoustic guitar and vocals
Sean Malone – fretless bass: tracks: 2, 3, 4, 5, and Chapman stick, tracks 3, 6
Joe “Rock Boy” McCormick – percussion
Andy “Rock Boy” Junior Irvine – bass: tracks 1, 6, 8 Artwork – Mathew Halpern
Management: Wyatt Management Worldwide, Warren Wyatt and Julie Hines
Special thanks to: CNR Music: Oliver Garnier, Stephane Etienne, Claude Ismael, Marco Visser – Guava Records
Tom Morris – The staff at Morrisound
Friends and family: Mom and Dad, my sisters and their families, Jamie Marie and Brandon, Sherri, Mark, Dave, Paul, Jon, and Anne, Denise, Mark, Steve, Steve, Pete, Ian, Priv, Russel, Todd, Tom, and all the EWB fan clubs, Isabelle Cardin and Anne Sophie Prevot, Sarah, Jon and Kim, Bill and Debbie, Walt, Andy, and Cheryl Lightfritz, Bernard Filipetti at Blah Blah News, Bruno Deltombe at Guitar & Bass, Thierre Busson and Rock Style, Kit and Val, Mario, Metal Mike and Mary. This record is dedicated to the memory of our friends: Laurel Morris, Al Prator, Steve Gruden, and Fred Seit.


all rights reserved



John Wesley Brandon, Florida

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist. On tour with Vertical Horizon. Performed with Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Fish, Sound of Contact, Big Elf, Mike Tramp. Newest album, a way you'll never be... Free music downloads at www.john-wesley.com check them out.... ... more


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